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Relationship and Life Coaching Derbyshire, Cambridgeshire, London

Life Coaching

is a collaborative process that is focused on working towards solutions and goals.

Our Team of qualified coaches work with our clients over a series

of sessions to facilitate improvements in work, life and relationships.  

Life Coaching, relationship coaching and work based coaching are available face to face, over the phone or via webcam.

We have coaches available based at the following Centres - just click on the location nearest to you for contact details.


Derbyshire and East Staffordshire

North East London

We all have personal goals, but how many of us actually achieve them? Many find that the structure of working with a coach enables them to be far more effective and stay on track. Coaching introduces processes which can help you to keep the momentum towards achieving your goals.

You may come to coaching with a particular aim to improve an area of your work, your life or a personal or work relationship. The insights and learning developed through coaching can be incorporated into many different areas of your life.

Life Coaching is a dynamic process in which you harness and develop your skills, attitudes and capabilities. It helps maximise your current skills as part of a process towards you achieving your personal and professional goals whether they are at home, work, in your relationship or other areas of your life.

Many people who are accessing coaching already feel that they are working fairly effectively. Working with a coach you are able to analyse your own life performance and identify a route to move from good to better or best.

Working with my coach has kept me focused on my goals and given me the tools to achieve them.

I wanted to improve my chances of promotion – it turns out I’ve used the skills in everything that I do.

I knew I needed to make changes in my life.

Coaching delivered the structure to figure out how.

Through coaching I developed the skills to drive through the changes we needed at work.